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UAED Finance

United Arab Emirates Dirham

The First DeFi Protocol Based on Emirates Dirham

The United Arab Emirates is the third largest economy in the Middle East and one of the richest countries in the region in terms of per capita.
In order to facilitate the economic activities of UAE on the blockchain technology, we have designed the first DeFi protocol based on Dirham and on the basis of smart contracts, which includes several services including UAED stable coin, UAED Finance lending and arbitrage protocol, UAED Bridge and finally UAED Oracles.

Features & Functionalities


UAED Finance Protocols operates on decentralized networks including Ethereum and Polygon and is designed to be open and transparent, with no central authority controlling the users collaterals.

Transaction compression

This process refers to reducing the size and number of transactions interacting with UAED Finance Protocol. By compressing transactions, UAED Finance protocol has achieved several benefits including Cost savings, Scalability and Faster transaction processing.


Transparency is an essential characteristic of our DeFi protocols. It refers to the openness and accessibility of information related to the operation, governance, and financial activities of this protocol. In the context of DeFi, transparency ensures that users can verify and monitor the protocol's behavior, security, and overall health.

Encrypted security

to enhance security and privacy in the context of UAED Finance smart contract interactions, encryption techniques and cryptographic algorithms are used. these algorithms play a crucial role in ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of protocol interactions including digital signatures and hash functions.

Protocol Core Smart Contracts

At the core of the protocol, a set of 7 smart contracts takes center stage. These contracts play a pivotal role in facilitating a wide array of protocol interactions, including transfers, approvals, loans, liquidation, and dynamic flash-loan activities. Their synchronized efforts form the foundation for seamless and efficient protocol operations.


  1. Protocol Telegram Bot

    Discover the ultimate in anonymous and effortless loan management through our exclusive protocol Telegram bot. Effortlessly oversee and manage your loans, all within your control and convenience.

  2. Ethereum-Polygon Bridge

    A groundbreaking solution that enables seamless interoperability and communication of UAED tokens between these two prominent blockchain networks.

  3. UAED Oracle Services

    A vital bridge between the off-chain world and the Polygon network. By leveraging the power of smart contracts and decentralized consensus mechanisms, the oracle reliably fetches and verifies real-world data, injecting it into the Polygon network for various use cases.